Guajiru is part of the same municipality as Flecheiras and is located exactly between Combuco and Jericoacoara. Guajiru is a small and authentic community with colorfull painted houses and a lovely square which plays a central role in the community. Although it is slowly developing you can still see the fishermen arriving in the morning on their typical jangadas with the catch of the day. It is obvious you can eat here the best fresh fish and lobster in the local restaurants.

Guajiru is the smallest and most quiet village out of the beach villages that belong to the municipality of Trairi. Flecheiras is the famous bigger sister, with a lively atmosphere during the evenings with bars, restaurants and live music. Mundau is the biggest village of the three and has as strong rough fishermans community.

The whole stretch of coastline is famous for its wind and surf conditions, it’s great for kitesurfing.

BEACH VILLA Camurupim is located in a quiet area of Guajiru, few steps away from the beach and a few minutes walk to restaurants and shops at the square of the village.

We understand you want to discover everything yourself, but in case you feel like it, we can provide you some interesting tips about:

  • where to buy good & cheap lobster you can prepare yourself ….
  • making downwinds, visit the lagoa ….
  • wind and water conditions for surfing, windsurfing, kitesurfing …
  • to find specific restaurants, get the best açaí ….

Restaurants in Guajiru:
Guajiru com Pimenta:
FAZENDO ARTE COM TEMPERO (@guajirucompimenta)
Restaurante da Toinha (@restaurante.toinha)

Pizzeria Bons Amigos
PIZZA BONS AMIGOS | GUAJIRU (@pizzabonsamigos)

lugarzinho Chef Venturelli (@lugarzinhochefventurellicucina)


What about this name which is impossible to pronounce? We fully understand it if you just call us BEACH VILLA, like we do ourselves.

Camurupim is a local fish, and it’s huge! You can see the pride when a fisherman has caught one. An adult Camurupim easily weighs around 60 kg.
The meat of the fish is a bit dark brown coloured, you have to learn to eat it.

The scales of the fish, which are also huge, are used for many local artesanial products. Like the lamps we have in all the bedrooms of the apartments.

Of course the most important event in Guajiru is the Festival do Camurupim, which is held in October and lasts a few days.

Many activities are organized by the local community on the square of the village. It might be a reason to book your trip around these days….

camurupim festival

Community projects


We cherish our location in Guajiru and find it important to participate in the local community.

Of course as BEACH VILLA Camurupim we sponsor the Festival de Camurupim in August. But we also participate in the festivities around New Year’s Eve.

In the near future we hope to participate in more activities.