Storage of your kite equipment

At BEACH VILLA Camurupim we offer you a dry and safe locker for all your kite equipment. This is free of charge.

Rental kite equipment

Couldn’t bring your own gear, or you just brought the wrong size kite? No worries, we rent kites, North NEO or North EVO, ranging from 5m2 to 12m2. We also have 2 twintip boards and 2 waveboards available.
Please ask for information upfront at the time of reservation of your apartment, because we are limited in kites. We can give you the prices for renting upon request.

Prices for Rental:

  • Kite, board, bar, harnas and pomp: per dagy 250RS / half day 180Rs
  • Pomp or harnas: 30Rs per day
  • Bar: 90RS per day / half day 50Rs
  • Board: 70Rs per day / 40Rs half day
  • Kite: 90Rs per day / 50Rs half day
  • Beach Villa guests 10% discount
  • Kite material has to be clean when returned

Kite repair

In case you have any troubles with your equipment, we know where you can have it fixed. Very fast, and for a good price. Locals deliver these kiterepair services and in this manner, we would like to support the local community as well.
You might consider having some material fixed, checked or renewed during your stay, even if you have no accurate damage. You know the maintenance of your equipment is important and the costs for this will be much lower here than at any other kiterepair in Europe.

Tours or downwinds

We can arrange tours for one or more days


We can arrange tours for one or more days along the beaches with a buggy or a 4×4 car.
Or you can take a one-way ride to Lagoa de Jegue, and make a downwind back to Guajiru. External parties will execute this and the fees will be charged directly by these parties. Contact us to look at the options.

Guajiru is one of the best kitespots in the area. The wind is guaranteed during the months of July untill December. Because of the position of the shore, the wind is strong enough from the morning untill sunset.

On the northern side of the town we have a little reef, which provides the perfect surf with high tide. And imagine what an experience it is to be kitesurfing among big sea turtles!

If you love wavekiting you should make a few downwinds in the area. There are many options to make a downwind, from a few kilometers to full daytrips of 100km. We know the spots and can help you organize a downwind you would like. Enjoy the great surf over the reefs and the long stretches of beaches along this trip.

Lagoa the Jegue is the place to be if you are more the freestyle type. This lagoa lies a few kilometers North in the direction of Lagoinha and can be reached with a buggy or 4×4. And of course you want to return with a downwind.

Guajiru offers several facilities for kitesurfing and lessons. So wavekiter, freestyler, beginner or experienced, you wil love it!

If case you have any doubts, we can always advise you about which size of kites to bring for the period you are planning to visit.

Wind forecast